The Black Scholars Podcast

Episode 40—America to Me Series — Episode 9: The Invisible T-Shirt

August 23, 2020

America to Me is a Starz docu-series. There are approximately 10 episodes that highlight Oak Park and River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb outside of Chicago. This episode is the ninth installment of the series. On episode 9, "The Invisible T-Shirt” of the America to Me series, I relate my experience attending small colleges in predominately-White towns to Kendale's college visit. I also analyze Tiara's academic struggles and a potential solution. Terrence goes to court with his mother regarding guardianship, and Ms. Stovall's Woven program is met with resistance from administration, again. Lastly, I discuss the question, "Why aren't there more Black and Brown educators?" It's not an easy answer.


The next series will focus on my book, Becoming an Effective Black Educator, available via paperback or e-Book. I'm excited to discuss this content in details as it directly relates to our current conundrums in education and within our own careers. I want everyone to be successful, and I plan on giving away a few copies during this series.

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